No wonder that the ultra-rich platform SharePoint 2013 left everyone in wonder with its amazing features! Even if we are talking about its outstanding browser based collaboration or the unprecedented document management, it has generated a strong reputation for itself. Along with that, its content management functionality or its business intelligence system, all its features have knocked the socks off!

Now it’s time SharePoint 2016! Yes, Bill Bear the senior technical manager of Microsoft late in 2015 dropped a bombshell about SharePoint 2016! Woah!! SharePoint 2016 is at our doors with its amazing features!

The evolutionary update has surely brought out a real power in comparison to its predecessor. SharePoint has now moved to cloud and with its release it has envisioned to offer its customers a wonderful opportunity to implement cloud features without complete transition. Can say it has definitely proved ‘Wonders will never cease’.

The platform with its customer-centric compliance and great user experience enhances the possibilities for its users. Few new features and functionalities to be seen are –

  • Office 365 Groups

The new feature ‘Office 365 Groups’ enables easy creation and sharing of files to a specific group directly from SharePoint itself. Check out the members and message them within the group with help built-in exchange functionality. Moreover, you can work together on the document with help of Office 365. Hence, with Office 365 you invite teams to be more collaborative and interactive.

  • Microsoft Delve And The Office Graph

Microsoft Delve – The new file analytics feature integrated with the File Preview Pane of a SharePoint document library helps users to find relevant and trending files without any difficulties in the library itself. Moreover, you can even see who used it previously; graph the impact of file over the upcoming period. Additionally the feature even keeps the track of what files are shared and being shared, serve insights and suggestion within SharePoint.

  • Excellent Sync

The SharePoint buckled down on powering its synchronization features, exclusively across various multiple platforms (e.g. OneDrive for Business). So now you can copy and move file effortlessly from SharePoint document library to any drive and vice versa. Moreover, you can have the SharePoint library synced directly to OneDrive clients. This feature will help you get the security required for the enterprise-grade record and content management.

  • Increased Office 365 Functionality

SharePoint users it’s time to say yuhooooo! As now you can easily take profit from Office 365’s now-perfect integration. Yes now SharePoint platform has joined over 70 million active users from all around the world. You can have access to Office 365 files from any corner of the world and can share files from the Office 365 platform too. Moreover, the icing on the cake is now you can have a look or can discuss the document in-app through Skype. Awesome, isn’t it?

  • Document Library Updates

The most feature of SharePoint is its easy access of Document Library. Along with the enhanced searching functionality, SharePoint users will now be able to pin documents for priority i.e. you can easily take few topics on top of the Document Library, and thus the document’s discoverability would increase for all the users. Along with that now links can be created within documents and web sites falling within or outside the document library.

  • Hybrid Cloud Search

The long awaited feature, Hybrid deployments is now available to everyone. Yes! Now as SharePoint moved to the cloud, it will certainly become the unified search experience platform. Wow! So now the companies don’t have to cope between two choices – a strict on-premise deployment or on-going cloud development. You can fetch results from the platform On-premises SharePoint and Office 365 Search, as this update brings both of them together.

  • Improved Mobile Touch Experiences

We are certainly aware about the fact that ‘Mobile is everywhere!’ One of best improvement seen in SharePoint 2016 is its push towards information management and being mobile. Hence with this update the developer can specifically target users in device or location specific manner. So, ready to welcome the new touch interface which is engaging and one of the best improvement from previous version?