Augmented Reality is nothing new; we’re all familiar with it. It is one of the most advanced digital technologies at present – consider a success of Pokemon Go. But, it’s not only associated with the entertainment, but it has the capability to serve various industries. There are plenty of other uses for this technology in real-life.

For those of you who don’t know the real world use of AR, let’s have a look into AR technology with its 8 amazing uses in real time, that may soon incorporate with your everyday life.


Architecture & Construction

Imagine you could see the blueprints of your dream house in front of you. In terms of architects, this means that they can experience the interior and look of building when it is still planning at the earliest stage of design. AR enables the engineers to visualize 3D models for design, helping to create a real time immersive 3D visualization which has numerous benefits in design communication. Use of AR in architecture will change the way architects work and will change their role and impression.


Healthcare, the word itself represents the meaning- medical care of individual. For this purpose, clinicians need to get the proper knowledge and practice; after all it’s a matter of someone’s life. Clinical procedures are often difficult for any person, but, technology like AR can change the way surgeries and operations are taught. AR can help surgeons to provide more effective care. Not only surgeons, it can also help nurses to find veins easier.


Planning the trip to an unfamiliar place? Don’t have idea about which lodging and accommodation is best fit for your trip? Lots of questions are there in your mind? And the answer is simple, Augmented Reality. AR makes it possible for you to take virtual tour of your chosen destination, restaurant, spa, bars and checkout the other required amenities. It makes the selection very easy.


Let your student participate! The beauty of Augmented Reality is that it can engage students and difficult concepts they’ve learn in the lectures. By viewing 3D visualization, students can gain more knowledge and a better understanding of the concepts they are studying. For example, a faculty of chemistry integrated AR into sessions to show 3D molecules and makes it simple to visualize the complex chemical structure.


Manufacturers involve this technology widely in order to elevate the complexity of their products. They found that implementing AR enable them to take an essential decision of the planning process, save extra expensive and defuse possible errors or possible problems before they arise. Additionally, AR is effectively used as an interactive training device. Employees can learn easily and rapidly and perform the intricate assembly, maintenance and repair jobs very precisely.


AR can be used in any advertising campaign in order to boost their sales or to promote a new product launched. It allows companies to attract more customers by showcasing their products in front of people and how these things would look in the real world. Like, for interior company, their customer can visualize how particular piece of furniture can look in their home.


 “To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” –Brian Halligan

AR is one of the appreciated forms of strategies accepted by companies who use it to deliver perfect message to a technological minded customers. Imagine your audiences are being able to see which sunglasses suit their face or which couch fit in their living room, each of these scenarios is now possible with AR.


When it comes to consumer, today’s consumer no longer blindly believes in static information. They are more active to know how a certain thing is going to work in their body. With AR, patients are able to see how the medicine works inside their body in 3D instead of just reading description on the bottle. Not only patients, it helps pharmacists to receive real-time information if they fill a bottle incorrectly or how many pills are given to patient.


Augmented Reality brings a whole new way and concept to visualize your vision with technology. It is transformed from futuristic idea to real world application. It can entirely change your routine life and makes it very easy and wonderful. If you still have a doubt in your mind, just look at those people chasing and enjoying the Pokemon on streets and roads.