What are the advantages of using React.js ? This is the basic question every frontend or javascript developer strated raising as ReactJs growing nowadays.

Among the Javascript developer or frontend developer are started migrating to ReactJS because of the many advantages it has compared to Competitor UI frameworks like AngularJs and few others. There are many advantages that I feel personally as developer, I am try to list out things as per my view and opinion:

Reactjs is Frontend UI library, when we start building something using React we have to rely upon the other libraries also to manage some parts of an application, such as application state.

When we think about the competing to monolithic framework such as AngularJS, it will be differing that there is no predefined way to structure your app (such as services, controllers & views in Angular). Its means that developer need to manage effectively several parts of the Apps without a predefined structure so that spoil good coding standard and developer to developer coding structure getting change so as future perspective it will take lot of time for even successor developer to understand that. This can lead to significant overhead and long development times.