Since last 2 decades to till date developers preferring the LAMP as the stable development stack for the all apps and web portal but the MEAN stack is getting popular nowadays and getting accepted widely due to its unique features like easy and fast apps development with availability.

MEAN Stand for the four main part:

We understand your development needs and thus CentralizeMedia provides you the best Enterprise level solution with MEAN stack js development.

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Whats is MongoDB?

MongoDB is one of the database that satisfy the need of the apps that made with NoSQL, it means in relational database there are some limitations such as table size and database scaling, on other hand, MongoDB is easy to use and flexible as compare to relational database. It uses JSON-like documents which makes the data integration easier and faster in certain applications.

Is your organization spending too much time and money on relational databases?? Well, it’s time to reduce the costs and time. MongoDB makes your business more scalable and agile with its extreme features.

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Whats is ExpressJs?

ExpressJs is a JavaScript based platform that works mainly as middleware for the AngularJs and NodeJs and MongoDB. It is a minimal framework with many features available as plugins. It is the best backend part of MEAN.

Use ExpressJs, a web application framework to build single and multi-page, hybrid web applications.

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angularjs developer

Whats is AngularJs ?

AngularJs is the JavaScript-based framework that helps to create the client side layout management and input. With AngularJs you can extend HTML vocabulary for your application.
It’s not only limited to the client side but it also do communicate with DOM and AJAX call handling for coupling/decouple with other operation like Crud.

CentralizeMedia has a team of skilled developers to provide you the best AngularJs development solutions using latest AngulaJs versions.

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Whats is NodeJs?

Node.js is an open source environment, with flexibility to run in any environment as cross-platform to develop server-side SaaS and Service for various domain applications. It is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime it help to create fast, scalable and easily building applications.

CentralizeMedia is the leading NodeJs development company which understands your need and expectations and implements your idea precisely.

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AngularJS Features

Reusable HTML components, Localization, REST friendly application framework, MVC Design Pattern to accelerate development process, Presence of Dependency Injection and many more.

AngularJS Services

Web application development, AJAX development, Custom app development, Portal development, Plug-ins development, Content management tool, eCommerce development and Shopping Cart development.

Why You Need AngularJS?

Makes the development easy and quick, requires lesser coding and hence development efficiency increased, to have easy maintained web and apps, Improve product testability, get real-time updates on data, simple design architecture.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Our thumb of rule is to help our clients get into the market quicker without spending extra time and money. CentralizeMedia, a team of professional programmers, designers and web application developers provide you all the AngularJs solutions.

Our team of developers has the capability to develop dynamic web applications using the technology of AngularJs. We always try to stay updated with latest tools and technologies and have delivered over 40 projects successfully.

Not only AngularJs development, we have experienced programmers that also possesses the skills of PHP, CSS3, HTML5, AJAX, JQuery, MongoDb, ExpressJs and NodeJs.

To contact our AngularJs development team, please drop a mail at You can also contact us to have a talk with our experienced consultants to know how working with AngularJs can help your business.