We are already living and breathing science fiction around us. Latest digital evolution into redefining technologies like Augmented Reality and virtual reality made it possible. Anyone who was a college student in the first half of the nineties can recall the days when people used to stand in a queue in front of a phone booth to make long distance calls. Down the line, in just two decades you literally have the world to experience on your handheld device. Whether you want to go to an excursion deep in the snow covered the land of Antarctica right in your mobile device or want to play a mobile game that requires you to physically move around in places, many such things are brought to you by Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Technology

  • What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality refers to the integrated experience of digital or graphic interfaces like images, animation, 3D effects, videos, etc. with real-life user environment. The experience offers an augmented effect by extending the user reality with digital maneuvers. For example, with augmented reality application, a retail business can offer a truly life-like shopping experience on the mobile device.

  • AR Applications Across Industries

While through AR solutions businesses can make the customer experience better and richer resulting in more footfall and sales, AR also can play a crucial role in improving customer service. This is why increasing number of businesses including both B2B and B2C are implementing AR apps in their business. Want to know a few examples of how AR has been implemented in various industries? Well, here are few examples to have a look.

  • One of the most promising buyers of AR solutions is healthcare. Just think how in various state of the art health facilities Google Glass is being used in during surgery to send instructions to surgeons and also for broadcasting the surgical process for public.
  • AR is increasingly being implemented in learning systems and training. There are already several apps in this niche. For instance, ARnatomy makes it easier for the medical students to know and memorize the various names of bones and muscles in human body.
  • AR is helping ecommerce and mobile commerce sites and apps to offer life-like shopping experience through effective utilization of augmented reality application. Webcam Social Shopper and IKEA catalog are two nice examples.
  • Mobile games are one of the first adopters of augmented reality solutions. 16% of AR applications accounts for games. We all know the never before the success of AR games like Pokemon Go in recent time.

man thinking with a augmented reality glasses

  • What expert is doing in Augmented Reality?

As a future ready mobile development company, we have been one of the early adopters of AR solutions and delivered several AR apps across diverse industry niches. By ensuring seamless integration of digital interfaces with real life environment, we can redefine customer experience in your apps.

  • Future Of Augmented Reality

AR has already got over its nascent state and is facing robust adaptation from industries across the specialties. Naturally, it would stay in the center of tech evolution for years to come and will only mature with new applications.

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