PHP has turned out to be a standout in the crowd of developing platforms for all the developers. PHP as being one of the best scripting language is been responsible for all the dynamic and innovative websites. Along with that it is the standalone shell for almost all operating system known now and that too ‘free of charge’. Wow! While considering some statistics, you would love to know that there are near by 244 million sites and 2.1 million servers in the PHP anatomy.

PHP is been the love for most of the developers, because of its intuitive features and an incredible database integration support and as it makes the web development process quick, productive and blunder-free. In the world of web development, PHP has certainly built up its impression by developing website application of all sizes and complexities. Thank you to the prominent PHP structures. The developers thank them as the structures are well organized, efficient, guarantees scalability and can easily level up the PHP web development process.

The PHP web development services are incomplete without few PHP frameworks. These frameworks ensure smooth and basic coding. These prominent PHP frameworks are –

1. Laravel

Laravel is currently the most popular PHP framework in the GitHub arsenal that offers an inherently promising foundation of well tested reliable code built on the top of several symfony components.

Although Laravel is a relatively new PHP framework (it was released in 2011), according to Sitepoint’s recent online survey it is the most popular framework among developers. Laravel has a huge ecosystem with an instant hosting and deployment platform, and its official website offers many screencast tutorials called Laracasts.

Laravel has many features that make rapid application development possible. Laravel has its own light-weight templating engine called “Blade”, elegant syntax that facilitates tasks you frequently need to do, such as authentication, sessions, queueing, caching and RESTful routing. Laravel also includes a local development environment called Homestead that is a packaged Vagrant box.

2. Symfony

Symfony is the framework of reusable PHP components, empowering the developer to make versatile, elite applications. Symfony offers you a variety of 30 components and thus developer has the total freedom of working in a RAD environment. Symfony APIs additionally help you for easy integration with third-party applications and it can be utilized with mainstream front-end structures, for example, AngularJS.

Numerous well known projects, including Drupal and phpBB, likewise utilize a Symfony structure. Truth be told, Laravel, the most well known PHP structure, is build using Symfony.

3. Codeigniter

CodeIgniter another well know PHP framework is extremely preferred by PHP developers. It is known for its lightweight framework and it stands out as a boon to developers for building dynamic websites. A thorough documentation and fantastically adaptable nature makes it a simple to learn micro-framework. Thus, even the beginner PHP developers go gaga for CodeIgniter effortlessly. The essential features of this system can be recorded as beneath:

  • Helps Us With Amazing Control

  • Through Documentation Makes It Easy To Learn

  • Standard Hosting For High Compatibility

  • Almost Zero Configuration Required

  • Large Scale Monolithic Libraries

  • Small Footprints


Positively, it is essential to pick the most suitable PHP structure for adding wings to the website development. Certainly, if such essential step like choosing a PHP framework goes wrong it can hamper the whole developing process gravely. Thus, in the wake of reading this post, you can make the selection easily. It is proposed to spend time to examine the working and elements of every structure altogether with the goal that you can settle only for the best decision in this regard.