With BCS, we can bring information into SharePoint from a variety sources. For example, you can bring data from an external SQL Server database, a traditional web service, a WCF service, proprietary systems, and OData services.

To start the Business Data Connectivity service:

  1. open the sharepoint central Administration web site for the server Farm  contain BCS(Business Connectivity Services)
  2.  On the Quick Lunch .  Click  System Setting.
  3. on the System setting Page , under servers , Click  “Manage Service on server“.





4. Check  the value in the server field. if the server name shown if there is not the server that you want to run the BDC(Business Data Connectivity ).click on down arrow , click change server and select correct server.

5. If necessary . next to Business Data Connectivity  Service , under Action column , Click Start.



Create a new  Business data Connectivity  Services service Application :


  1. Open  the sharepoint  Central Administration  web site for your farm with a farm  Administrator Account. This must be the farm in which you started  Business Data Conectivity services in the start the Business Data Conectivity  Service for a  Business Conectivity Services  on Premises  Solution  in sharepoint 2013 Procedure.
  2.  On the  Quick  Start  Click on “Application Management
  3. on the Application Management  Page under Service Applications ,  Click  “Manage Service Applications




4. if  an instance of Business data Conectivity Application  that you will use for this solution is already. there you can skip  the rest  of the procedure , if not , follow  the rest of this procedure to create one.

5. On the  “service Application ” Tab  , click  “New ” and  click ” Business Data Conectivity Service




6. Configure the Setting in the Create  New Business data Conectivity Services  Application Configuration  Page As Follows.


7 . In the Service Application  Name Box  Enter the Name you want the Service to Appear as on the Manage Service Application  Page. This BCS Service can  be used  by  Multiple  BCS  Solutions.

8. In the Data Base Area , Leave the Pre-populate Values for Data Base Server , Data Base Name  and data base Authentication .  Which is Windows Authentication . unless  you have  Specific Design needs to Change them.



9. if you have SQL server  Data Base  Mirroring  Configured and you want to include  the Business Data Conectivity services Data Base in Mirroring.  Provide the name of Failover Data  Base Srever  in Failover  Data Base  Server Box.




10.  If you have not already Created a new Application pool for your Service Application , Enter a new Application pool in the Application Pool Name .  Example :  “SharepointServiceApps ”   you can use  this Application Pool for your all Service Application.


11. Select  the Account  that you configured  in the Prerequisites  for Deploying  a business data Conectivity  Services -on Premises Solution  in the Sharepoint 2013  Procedure  as the sharepoint Product  Application services  Account in the configurable  drop down.

12. Click “OK” to create new Business Data Conectivity Service Application click OK  again.

13 . Select the row that Business Data Conectivity  services  Application is in , not in Proxy row .