From enquiry to order up to invoicing with our equipment rental CRM software you can easily manage your entire equipment rental cycle.

The software provides an advanced solution to grow your rental business faster. Anywhere, anytime and from any device, you are able to keep track of your equipment related information.

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A virtual office is a business workspace. It gives you the ability to work from any location such as home with a professional workspace and business address. It reduces the cost, minimize the physical office expense and increase your sales.

Managing your virtual office rental business is now easier with our software. You will be able to manage bookings and more for your virtual offices from your own website easily. It allows you to handle your entire business efficiently from a single screen.

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We develop simple and easy to use, car rental software. It helps car rental business owners to manage vendor, driver, vehicle, billing, reporting, booking, scheduling and maintenance of vehicles easily. This software will make your business easy and also helps to survive in competitive world.

Some of the features:
• Booking (Create booking, close booking etc.)
• Billing
• Generate reports
• Payment options
• Vehicle related information

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At Centralize Media we offer electronic device rental software. It is developed for electronic device rental business owner to manage the list of all electronic devices, categories, booking, availability and more.
With the help of this software your customer can book any available device online, pay online. You may offer several devices in one package so that your customer can rent all they need.

Key features of this software:
• Shows booking
• Payment gateway
• Billing
• List of booked and available device
• Cancellation
• Generate reports

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Manage Bookings

Manage bookings and availability of device 24*7 from any device. Also, avoid double or over booking.

Efficient Information Tracking

Track all information from a single screen so that you can maintain and control your business all time.

Increase Profit with Minimal Headache

Software helps your staff to manage inventory and accounting with custom dashboard and reduce your management headache.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

We understand that managing business and getting order is not an easy task. Our rental software help you invoice rapidly and increase your profit without wasting papers.

Centralize Media provide you an advanced solution to grow your rental business faster fulfilling orders on-time.

Schedule and track the availability of an equipment or item, so that you always know whether it is available with you or not.

If you’re looking for best rental software, please drop us a mail at You can also contact us to hire our rental software developer any time.