Social media has made the world smaller. It’s not just a medium; it becomes a social connector now. How? It connects you to the things that matter to you. It connects you to everyone – to family, to friends, to memories, to news and current affairs, to entertainment and the list goes on and on.

Social Media Influence

It has given the ability to each and every person to reach thousand and millions of viewers. Wait! Just by posting a lot of things on your social sites, makes you that much popular to get that much of viewers and followers?



To get that much of popularity you have to be “Someone who matters to other people”. But, the question is – How can you make yourself “someone” who matters to people that even don’t know who are you? Even, you don’t know who they are?

social media

The answer is simple – Build your authority. Authority? Yes, an authority, the power that gives you ability to influence someone towards you and your opinions.


Is building an authority online among millions of people easy? No, it’s very difficult.

There is a too much of noise and dishonesty and fear that can resist you. Then, how can you do this? Build your brand. No doubt it takes a lot of efforts, hard work, your time and patience and everything that’d be needed.

Build your brand

Let’s talk about a person who is nobody in the world and now becomes a celebrity. Brian Clark – “Once he was nobody, now he becomes an authority”.


How did he get there? How long it takes to achieve? Is that easy for him? His struggle begins in 1998. Let’s take a look at the journey he passed through.

How long it takes to achieve

In 2006, when he started Copyblogger no one knew him. It took him 6 years to reach the goal.


See what does he has to say.

Statement Of Copyblogger

Now, back to the question – How do you use social media to build this kind of authority? It is simple, yet difficult to execute. But, it works, always. When?

Final Words

Only to say.. That’s how you rise up from the opinions of others and get people’s attention and that’s how you build authority.