JavaScript (JS) popularity continues to rise. It is essentially the most used scripting language throughout the world. All the web developers trust JS when they have to make a webpage interactive with proper designs, embedding elements or using animations.

The most notable feature of this programming language is that it can be used in a wide range of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and also for desktops. However, it is continuously evolving. Here is an overview of some great JS frameworks that you must keep an eye on in 2018.



Angularis a structural framework that simplifies front-end development, When developing a framework with Angular, developers can use HTML as a template. HTML’s syntax can be used to convey application’s components effortlessly. It is commonly related to Single Page Applications, though it can be used to build any kind of app.

You can take advantage of the features like:

  • Two-way binding
  • AJAX handling
  • Templating
  • Dependency injection

AngularJS was initially introduced by Google in 2012. It has many powerful features that enable developers to easily create single-page applications. The framework soon became popular and widely accepted. However, the maintainers took a step further and develop a new version called Angular2. The main feature of this new version is that it can be developed for multiple platforms. After that, Angular4 and Angular5 have already been released and these are compatible with the prior versions. It is expected that Angular6 will be released soon which will have further enhancements and features.



ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library that enables to create an interactive user interface painlessly. It is created by Facebook for efficiently creating web apps and that too with minimal coding. The best part of React is that it allows developers to break down complex User Interfaces into simpler components.

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So, when you change data React efficiently update the right components. It can reuse already written code and that also in an error-free manner.

React / Angular: Which one to choose?

React Vs Angular

These two Angular and React are both very popular front-end development tools. Angular is the king when it comes to progressive web apps development. React also has 3 distinct versions and React Native is quite popular in creating native mobile apps.

Using it you can create a complete mobile app for either Android or iOS. However, with Angular, you can create hybrid mobile apps which will fall short of the native apps. You can use Angular2 while creating cross-platform mobile apps. Which one you will choose depends on the requirement of your application.

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Some other JS frameworks that can be considered for web and mobile app development.



Meteor is another JavaScript platform that helps you to build interactive mobile apps. The advantage of this framework is that you can use the same JS codes to build apps for Android, iOS, and the web. Meteor relies on Cordova technology.

This technology allows JS and HTML to run on a mobile phone without a browser. It allows developers not only to create but also control basic features of mobile devices.



You can consider PhoneGap to create your cross-platform app. Using it developers can write codes single time in CSS, HTML, and JS and use it across different mobile platforms.

And for this cross-platform support, native app features will not be lost. PhoneGap supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows phone as well as web-based operating systems and that also with a single code base.



Web developers can build amazing apps for multiple-platforms with the single-code base using Iconic. It is based on an HTML5 framework and always works with PhoneGap or Cordova. It is focused on hybrid or native apps development instead of mobile websites. Iconic is based on Angular.

Final Outcomes

Selecting the right JS framework does not depend on the features each of them can offer. It depends on your business goals, requirements of the project, function of a framework and how it can be applied to your case. Another factor that plays a role in selecting the right JS framework is the budget.

So, what will be the suitable JS framework for your next project?

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