“You don’t need to know coding to create an app”, Reading this word how you feel as most of the people interested to run their business with basic level apps and they always feel handicap or they feel dependency on the development agency.

Here Today we are discussing a few platforms that don’t need any coding language experience, its just matter of choice which platform you are comfortable after looking at the pros and cons.

Low Code Development

  1. OutSystems
  2. Kissflow
  3. WorkflowGen
  4. Mendix
  5. Wavemaker

“Low Code Apps Development Platforms Available in the Market”

  • OutSystems

OutSystems is a low code development platform. Deliver rapid & responsive solution for Mobile as well as Desktop. Easily integrated with the current system that means old systems can easily be converted into the OutSystems application. With the help of OutSystems, we can deliver application very fast, with all the business needs with custom solutions.

High-productivity platform as a service (PaaS) planned for developing and delivering Enterprise Web and Mobile Application. The application can run in Cloud, in the hybrid environment.

Low Code development platform makes it fast & easy to develop an application from a small project to large complex project. One Database files for the entire project to use in another system.


  • Intermediate Studio: for Database Connection though .NET or Java.
  • Service Studio: for the Logical part.

Merits and Demerits of System

It can easily handle any situation and very flexible for use. It provides customs solutions that make the system compatible with almost all type of industries. It provides an inbuilt testing area where you can test your application.

OutSystems is not fully dragged and drop interface but this provides customs solution in function. It can not only handle small application but also a large and complex application. It provides and Inbuilt APIs and integrations to push mobile application on iOS Appstore or Google Play Store. It has SAP and Oracle integration.

Pricing for OutSystems is For Evaluate and learn it’s Free, Enterprise plan starting at $4,500/ month and Universal plan starting at $12,250/month.

  • Kissflow

Kissflow is so far away to even be a no-code platform that worth someone with zero programming awareness can also develop an application. It is easy-to-use, cloud-based workflow automation software to help a business user create and modify automated business applications.

It is good for small business application with fully functional features. The cost is low but with limitation in functionally.

Merits and Demerits of System

Kissflow apps are developed primarily for internal use and for human-centric workflows. It does not offer ideal features for project and task management. It does support Modelling and implementation, but there is no testing area.

Kissflow provide drag and drop interface which make it very easy to use but have a limitation in the functions. It is we suited for small enterprise application with all functions. Kissflow offer APIs to build and integrations. It has G Suite applications and some Cloud apps via Zapier.

Pricing for Kissflow is $9 per user per month

  • WorkflowGen

WorkflowGen is robust workflow automation flat from planning for the plainness of low-code environment.

Talking for the Integration percentage whether there is a mobile application or web application it’s GraphQl API, webhooks and Node.js integration delivers high-level customization and data manipulation. It also Maximizes customer satisfaction by quick delivery solutions.

Merits and Demerits of System

WorkflowGen is as similar to OutSystems in almost all case but the thing which makes is different from OutSystems is that its security WorkflowGen is not a secure platform to use.

It does not provide any kind of integrations so this results in less number of customization for the application. It will  easily analytics the Risk with risk assessment feature also have order processing billing & invoice feature for a shop owner

Pricing for WorkflowGen is not specified.

  • Mendix

Any wants to create an enterprise apps quicker on SAP Cloud Platform Mendix is the best choice. It has in-built agile project management, visual modeling tools, reusable components and many more. The pricing structure is based on a number of apps, user, and complexity of the app.

Mendix permits together business stakeholders, developers, and experts to collaborate all the way through the application development lifecycle.

It provides lock-step with the end-to-end application lifecycle. It is a platform independent and maximizes extensibility. Provide Automated REST API construction from an application domain model makes publishing APIs with Mendix a snap.

Merits and Demerits of System

Mendix deploys to any system, any cloud, and anytime using containers. Provides built-in agile project management. Offers Application Quality Monitor for quality and reliability. It has a cloud-native stateless architecture. Native OData support enables connectivity to and from large ERP systems using supported standards.

Pricing for Mendix is Community plan free, Single App plan starting at $ 1,875/ month, Pro plan starting at $ 5,375/ month, Enterprise plan starting at $ 7,825/month.

  • Wavemaker

WaveMaker RAD Platform is licensed software that enables organizations to run their own end-to-application platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for building and running custom apps. WaveMaker provides you with a platform that assurances the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when it derives building high-quality, ultra-functional apps for the business.

Merits and Demerits of System

WaveMaker is a valued rapid application development and delivery platform that supports creating enterprise-grade web and mobile apps. It can be used for Small, Medium, Large size business and also for Freelance. It is only available for Windows, Mac, web-based devices.

Pricing for the Wavemaker starts from $ 249 per developer per month.