How it Works

MAP – Medical Access Program is facilitate the Nurse  and Admin to manage the patient and facility management easy. System allow for the various features.
• Create Multiple Facilities (Hostel, Oldage House..etc)
• Appoint Admin for every facility.
• Manage Patient
• Manage Nurse
• Manage Pharmacy store

• Manage HCP
• Manage Medshet and all documents


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What type of customer can use it
Providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about healthcare and treatment that help obtain patient health.

MAP meets a critical community need and has improved access for the county’s uninsured and underinsured patients to prescription medications, thereby improving health and minimizing excessive and avoidable use of the emergency department.

This program helps patients incorporate positive behavior changes into their lifestyle, provide medication and disease-specific information and coordinate prescription refills with the treating physician, patient and the Pharmaceutical Company.

One of huge benefit is communication among the many health professionals are contribute to your healthcare and treatment.

Be responsible for anticipating and responding to patient needs.

Provide clear, current directional way for how to handle patient diseases.

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The program utilizes a nurse educator to coordinate services and provide residents, Company Organizations, Schools, Hostels, Old age homes with access to affordable prescription medications and health education.

The program works with pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs to provide patients with medications at a lower cost or no cost at all.

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How MAP is different from other systems

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Easy to use

Map provide an easy system configuration with attractive user interface. In a system we give related things at one place for example new order, in new order screen we provide quick entry of required all things in order page so facility save time to traverse. we give feature like CSV import of medicine, create medicine sheet, role management so we can give limited access to use. with map user can create attractive reports so he can check the current status of the system.

Digitalization in pharma

The map is a medium where patient, facility, pharmacy store and HCP work together. we use a feature like CSV management and create attractive medicine sheet. we provide secure and advice solution for patient, facility. this system gives user friendly environment to the facility to work. with MAP we can create feature visit to store using the phone as well web it help to save time in today’s busy life. The system will create with an experienced development team to cover the current condition of HIPPA.

How MAP is different from other systems

Maintain the privacy of patient health information as required by law and privacy practice with respect to information we collect and maintain about you.
A legal document and health reports describing the care you received.
MAP administrator can verify that services were actually provided to the patient.
Respect each individual’s patient dignity and privacy.
Meeting our patient needs is very important to us. MAP has been recognized for quality patient satisfaction.

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We are providing an attractive dashboard so easy to maintain all information in one place also provide a planner to view feature activity regarding appointment

The system can easily create a consultant with facility and doctor, manage his current and feature order date and add description for specific consultant

Using system we can upload medicine in bulk as well as separate medicine in the system. once it uploads super authority can give rights for use of those medicines

In the system we manage all order information at one place so if the facility found any missing details, then the facility can add all information at one place like patient, frequency, special instruction

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