Whoops! You made a mistake!!! You started with a wrong ecommerce platform. We know eCommerce platform that you decide to go with is the reason for your success or can make your efforts go in vain. But, don’t despair mistakes are part of any successful business. Once you realize your mistake, its right time to say good bye to limited growth, low scalability and flexibility and invite success by migrating to a right platform.

In this ever-growing development era, there have been many new ecommerce selling platforms. Today we will discuss about two highly touted and popular options – Shopify and WooCommerce. Shopify wins when talking about experience. The platform is active since 2006, and most of the entrepreneurs have been successfully using this platform. They enjoy its best features like first class support service, easy customization, eye catching design, and intuitive interface. It is a perfectly fits for a small or middle sized business but if your store is growing day by day, it might not be a perfect piece of puzzle for your business jigsaw.

On the other hand, when talking about Woocommerce, it is relatively young. However, in such short span of period it has been one of the top lead of E-commerce world. So how does it stand out? Woocommerce’s WordPress plugin gives out standing opportunities for content management along with SEO features. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that it is an open source shopping cart with pleasing templates that inevitably makes a place in your heart.

shopify to woocommerce migration

Let’s consider a detail comparison, so that you can know why you need to migrate from Shopify to Woocomerce.

  • WooCommerce Is Free, Shopify Isn’t

Shopify is known for its simple-to-use interface, great customer support, and good security. But all these elements can be little pricey, they all are available in relatively straightforward package. You can save your assets for 14 day trial, later you need to pay monthly, along with along with transaction fees which, depending on the plan you choose, can be from 0.5%-2%.

Woah! Woocommerce is free. All you need to save for the fees from hosting provider. It is very obvious that profits are the essential concern for all entrepreneurs. So if you are more concerned about securing profit, Woocommerce is the right choice for you.

  • WooCommerce Is More Flexible

Customization is the first thing that comes to mind when considering Woocommerce. Right from robust front end user experience to the design, from back-end administrative tools to designing everything required in online store will be in your control.

However, the competitor Shopify is not as flexible as Woocomeerce, neither is it as great for you to deal high-end features. Yes in Shopify you have amazing library of apps, but the extraordinary number of plugins available for Woocommerce just outstands Shopify’s apps.

Indeed, shopify is an easy-to-use solution, but it is quite rigid with limiting features, in comparison to Woocommerce features. All the best features that are available on other ecommerce platforms are easily available on Woocommerce, because of large number of plugins. Moreover, Shopify uses Liquid – a programming language rarely known and used exclusively just by Shopify. And on the other side, Woocommerce uses PHP, which is more common among developers. Customization for appearance is harder for developers when it comes to Shopify. On the other hand, the star WooCommerce makes it quite easy for developers to customize the look and experience of the online store.

  • Shopify Isn’t A Blogging Platform

Content marketing is the king of Internet marketing.  If you understand the importance of blogging, content marketing, you would go for Woocommerce.

Migrate from Shopify to wooCommerce is common nowadays, as we seeing that woocommerce is more user friendly so people prefer that as ecommerce platform.  Just have a look at the image for the major eCommerce market player as platform.

Few more reasons that people provided for the migration

  1. Shopify hosted solutions so charging monthly
  2. Some feature need a third party apps and that also charging mostly monthly
  3. Shopify developed with liquid and ROR and hard to find the resource to even developer apps
  4. Apps development is more costly compare to WordPress
  5. People still believe that WordPress is more SEO friendly compare to Shopify
  6. WordPress have more already developed and free extensions.
  7.  World wide WordPress developer available easily at affordable rate.

Wrap Up

Woocomerce certainly is the superstar. It has the edge because of its outstanding features. Shopify is surely a decent option, with simple and easy solutions. But Woocommerce simply stands out in front of Shopify. WordPress is the engine with stunning horsepower that can go from 0-60 miles for every hour without a moment’s notice.

The lofty contrasts in cost, the number of third party plugins and themes, the inconceivable customization alternatives—the greater part of this is mixed into one great product – Woocommerce. So hopefully you have enough reasons now to migrate from Shopify to Woocommerce.

Migration from one platform to another is common in the eCommerce domain. feel free to contact as we have tools and utility to help the migration for the product, customer and order to next platform