Rugs Supply and Distribution is bit of complex process about replying the customer call inquiries for rugs availability with pricing, stock tracking. But ever wondered how can Rugs Business Online Store Setup with mobile apps help you? The following points are the answer to the question.

  1. Customer can order online
  2. Multiple group of customer as max they order they have discount rated pricing
  3. Retailing partner can have a login and facility or order tack or single click order push
  4. Order Cancel or replace the few items from order is flexibility
  5. Track the Items are in warehouse
  6. Track the items in the wagon or truck on the way to delivery
  7. Track the test Sample quantity with Retailer
  8. Exchange the Real time Order items and its quantity
  9. Everything get Managed from the mobile apps or web Dashboard
  10. Warehouse with bar-code Management
  11. Bar-code Label printing on the products add
  12. Pricing and Quantity quick edit and manage it.

news letter

Recently we have successfully delivered the online web store with customized solution to the Rugs importer and Supplier to enhance the distribution channel with web and mobile application. We are happy to serve you for the Rugs Business Online Store Setup with Mobile Apps or any other related solution if you are from the Rugs or any material supply business. Hence feel free to contact us or get the free consultation service.

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