In SharePoint 2013 Task list was significantly improved to accommodate some of the customizations that was done otherwise by SharePoint developers. Task list now has a Task Timeline (like on MS project), Days left for due date, Creating subtask option, Task quick edit mode and lot more attractive features.

1. Create Task List.
2. Creating new Task.
3. Delete Task.
4. Timeline.
5. Subtasks .
6. Indent .
7. Task Views .


Create Task list

1. To create a new Task list navigate to site content and click on “add an app”.


Task List_1_26_2016


2. Next click on “Tasks” template and add a name for your task list. If you want to add description click on “Advanced Options” on Add Task screen.


Task List_2_26_2016


Task List_3_26_2016


3. when a task list gets created click on your Task list to Open it.


Task List_4_26_2016


4. As you may notice Tasks list now has a new View. Some of the added features are highlighted below –


Task List_5_26_2016Task List_5_26_2016



Next we will look at how to create a new task and work with it.


Creating new Task –

There are two ways to create a Task. One from “new task” and other from edit task.
From Add “new task” –

Task List_6_26_2016


If you want to create several tasks quickly you can create from edit view. It is like a datasheet view where you can also add columns to this view dynamically.


Task List_7_26_2016



6. Task Properties – Click on “…” to access Task properties.


Task List_8_26_2016


Delete Task


Task List_9_26_2016



Create Subtask  


To create a subtask select a Task and click on “…” the preview pane. Next click on “CREATE SUBTASK”


Task List_10_26_2016



and once  click on “CREATE SUBTASK” the new task list is put on edit mode.. You can simply create a subtask here and then click on new row to save the changes. This is how it looks when you create a subtask. Click on All Task view to go back to the Original view.


Task List_11_26_2016


and this is how it looks in Timeline


Task List_12_26_2016