SharePoint template design is the part of the SharePoint Branding, here are the few sample layout that will help for designer as well as for the developer to create the design and layout for the Office365 and SharePoint Intranet site.

Though there is limitation in the design creation due to hosted structure of the Office365, these layout are easy to implement and you can say its example of the SharePoint and office365 Branding.

We try to target the few business zone that mostly using  the office365.

  1. Education

Most of education institute and body are using the SharePoint as document management and for the various roll and access of the data in the organisation wide so here we try to create the layout for the covering the each department and task for the education body.


2. Finance

In Finance domain the data and document is very important as well as the finance service providing organization is well managed for he each and every minor information with many departments,  this layout cover the complete team and various executive and managerial level access.



3. Insurance

Insurance and health policy data and customer information is important for the every Insurance service provider and Office365 or SharePoint providing the well managed service for the data and customer to create the positive impression on the customer branding is needed. the layout are the part of the branding and positive impression for the organisation.


4. Lawyer

Lawyers firm have a generally more data related to clients and legal document so its security and management perspective they are using the office365 nowadays.



5. Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical have many team and department on various Geo location base so making the all on same page and work bandwidth is only by the help of the SharePoint document management system.


Feel free to contact us if you are looking for the redesign your intranet portal for the SharePoint or Office365. There are more ready made template available with CentralizeMedia to apply.