Solar CRM Software

Manage the each and every lead from the various sources like Google, telecalling, or door to door visit to convert that into effective customer and project through Lead Management Software. Our robust Lead Management system allows you to create several division schemas and assign leads to your agents according to a set of locations.

Solar Lead Management Software

Key Features

  • Lead Storage & Distribution
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Analytics & Reporting


  • More Streamlined Lead Lifecycle
  • Better Lead Prioritization
  • More Efficient & Timely Sales Rep Service
  • Smarter & More Cost-Efficient Business Decisions
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Project Management Software

Solar Panel installation is complete project from lead to taking the rebate from the government for the completed project, also after the project completed we need to maintain the energy generation measurement and in case of poor result we need to change some component as part of maintenance that gets manage as project management.

Solar Project Management Software

Key Features

  • Virtual Dashboard
  • Project Planner
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking


  • Helps Attain the Project Objectives
  • One Can Check the Project Growth from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Best Way to Avail the Expected Outcomes
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Sales Management System

After the lead, sales team communicate with a customer and for the interested customer sending them a quotation for the installation panel and energy generation plan.

Solar Sales Management Software

Key Features

  • Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Predictive analytics
  • Pricing optimization
  • Sales forecasting
  • Email integration
  • Lead/contact management


  • Provides feedback on sales reps’ performance
  • Boosts repeat selling
  • Improves social media marketing
  • Gives you access to technical support
  • Reduced training & implementation time
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Invoice Management System 

Handling the invoice generation and the tracking for the payment status its paid or pending or scheduled so the company can offer the next procedure of the installation.

Solar Invoice Management Software

Key Features

  • Creating A New Invoice
  • Creating Customer Records.
  • Accept PayPal Or Credit Card
  • Predefined Communication Templates.
  • Currency Setting.
  • Import/Export Customers.
  • Invoice, Payment & Tax Report.


  • Minimize Late Payments
  • Minimize Missed Payments
  • Maintain A Professional Image
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Stock Management

Company setting up the installation so stock team always need to on toe to serve the need of the installation by the company so it’s managing the stock of the solar panels, meter, inverters and other small supporting material.

Reports Module

System with data is useless until we don’t have feature to export that feature as excel or word to review and discuss with team to achieve the next target and to serve the great level satisfaction in service.

Document Management

Solar system required a documentation because solar is the business also support and promoted by the government on the base of the subsidies so compete project progress and document need to keep as record.

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