Why to Hire Shopify Experts ? before understanding why to hire we need to have a idea about the what is shopify ? and how shopify system is working ? How to start create the efficient store.

What is Shopify Mean to eCommerce Domain

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what is shopify

Who is Shopify Experts

First of its need to understand who is Shopify Experts stand for there is agency or freelancer they had sold out some active store like 5 or now 10 so Shopify giving them label is Shopify Partners and allow their names in the list of the Shopify Experts, Now Why to hire Shopify Experts? Though Shopify is hosted eCommerce solution provider but to ruining the online store as merchant there are many responsibility and optimization needed to attract visitor and convert them in to business as customer.

Do Your Expert Knowledgeable Enough

  1. Good Front End script Design Knowledge (CSS, HTML, Javascript or jQuery)
  2. Basic knowledge of the liquid Structure
  3. If Need to develop apps then Programming knowledge like PHP, DotNet, JAVA
  4. API Knowledge and aware with Request/Response time of Shopify Server
  5. Knowledge about the latest apps publish from third-party
  6. Basic Knowledge of the SEO and Optimization
  7. How to Publish Store from Demo to Live
  8. Various Type Of Product Management (Bulk Import/Export)

Good Front End script Design Knowledge :  As we are creating the eCommerce store we need to focus the layout as first impression for customer as good looking and simple store keep customer to stay more on site and that can help to increase the visitor to customer conversion ratio.

Basic knowledge of the liquid Structure, As per the expert level they are proficient with liquid files and coding script but even basic knowledge is sufficient for the Shopify because its hosted solutions so allow basic level changes in code.

Apps then Programming knowledge,  Most of store owner expecting the some additional feature that not available in shopify so simply to extend some facility of the store.

API Knowledge need in these type of feature development or integration

  • Import product from some other platform or system,
  • Order and customer sync with some accounting or invoice system to make business centralize.
  • Track the visitor and sales behavior..etc
  • Amazon to shopify integration and product, order , customer synchronization
  • Jet to shopify integration and product, order , customer synchronization
  • ebay to shopify integration and product, order , customer synchronization

Knowledge about the latest apps publish from third-party, Apps publish by the thirdparty and Shopify expert agency is really well focus for the purpose to help sale or business, so many time customer need that type of features, we can use that with free/ paid Shopify apps with saving real cost and development time.

Basic Knowledge of the SEO and Optimization,  SEO knowledge is needed because creating the Shopify store and loading product is not important but also your store should be SEO friendly , product should have meta title, tags, description SEO friendly so it will hit up in the google organic search.

How to Publish Store from Demo to Live, As Shopify expert or developer need to know the all the configuration level setting for the moving the development store to live with domain, like change DNS and pointing it to store, some times other platform have same domain so we need to have 301, 404 redirection entry to save from content duplication and google policy hit.

Product Management,  Shopify have a various type of the product like simple , configurable, digital so when to use what type of product format is necessary to guide to end client, some times most of client have a CSV file from vendor to bulk Import Shopify products. so developer should have knowledge to help them to customer to save time for manual job and help to automate this process.

You need to Hire Shopify Developer because that will guide you through out the process from start to end of the store live and as you Hire Shopify developer it will save your lot of doubt regarding the platform , new feature, thirdparty apps to use, and finally SEO guideline for the increase the sales and business.

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These are the basic things also you should know about Shopify